We recommend you to take a look at a valuable summary of the report, where you can find the names of 500 companies selected from 2052 applications of food technology companies from 360 countries, and search for these companies on the internet. The "food waste" caused by underdevelopment of the food ecosystem and lack of user/producer awareness amounts to $1.2 trillion annually worldwide. Despite this, all food startups have received a total of $60 billion in investments to date. The expectation for 2021 is $15 billion according to the Foodtech 500 Report. The biggest proof that both investments and company growth in Foodtech will increase with much greater momentum is that investments are still at a very infancy level, as well as the problem waiting to be solved. Which sectors are included in the report under the term Foodtech? Food distribution, Agricultural technologies, Consumer mobile apps and services, Food processing, Next generation food and beverage, Food safety and traceability, Kitchen and restaurant technologies, Waste and surplus management