Executive Board

Our management team ensures the successful progression of our company through their strategic guidance and decisions, backed by many years of experience in venture capital and investment fields. Each member possesses a deep understanding in their area of expertise and is committed to leveraging this knowledge to drive the success of the ventures in our portfolio.

Vice President of the Executive Board


Vice President of the Executive Board

Kılıç has served as a professional manager in CRM and Digital Marketing for many years in national and international markets. The companies he has worked with include Metro Cash & Carry, Sif JCB Construction Machine, Sixth Street, Speak Group, Timaş Publishing Group, and Körfez GYO.

In most of his positions, Kılıç has focused on analysing customer needs, preparing value suggestions, establishing commercial models, and engaging in strategic business development activities.

With Kılıç’s knowledge and experience, he has served on the Board of Directors of many companies in the venture capital sector. He has also worked as a pioneer in the development of the sector in several non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Kılıç served as a Board Member for MUSIAD, Letven Ventures, Venture Capital Fund GİSED Association, GPAS Global Finance Summit Participation, and several VENTURE IN TURKEY institutions.

Kılıç holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Işık University and a master’s degree in Management Information Systems from Marmara University. He undertook his doctoral studies in the field of Management Organisation at Gebze Institute of Technology.

Board Member


Board Member

Drawing on 30 years of experience, Durukan is a leader in the sector. Moreover, he has enjoyed success at all stages of entrepreneurship. His professional life now centres on his role as a Founding Partner at Durukan Confectionery, and he is working to support the development of NGOs relating to Turkey’s exports.

Durukan Confectionery’s products are sold in national and international markets, and the company has signed agreements with several international companies. Many of its products have achieved a 45% market share in America, Europe, and the Middle East, and its operations in Africa and the Far East have expanded the company’s scope in many countries. In its field, Durukan Confectionery has the second-largest production facilities in the world. Durukan holds various positions, including Vice Chairman of the Board at the Central Anatolian Exporters’ Union, Group Board Member at Turkey Sugar Products Promotion, and Member of the Board at Oil Seeds and Products Council.

Durukan holds a bachelor’s degree in Management from Anadolu University.

Board Member

Mehmet Tevfik BAŞKAYA

Board Member

As a professional manager and investor, Başkaya has held various positions in the technology sector for nearly 25 years. In several companies, he has led the development of the sector.

During the early years of his career, Başkaya worked as a computer engineer and manager at Akbank, EGS Sistem, Benkar, ATOS Origin, Millenicom, and Vodafone. He played a key role in the rapid growth of Caffeine Software and its public offering in 2018.

He also served as Assistant General Manager in the areas of R&D, Business Development, Strategic Partnerships, and Participation Technology.

In 2017, Başkaya launched a second venture at Adabella Tarım. Drawing on his expertise, he also evaluated the company’s know-how and experience as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at LETVEN CAPITAL.

Başkaya holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the Middle East Technical University and a master’s degree in Marketing Management from Marmara University.

Board Member

Hakan EK

Board Member

After starting his career as a Tax Consultant at PwC, he gained experience in overseas company structuring, international tax consultancy and M&A management. In the following years, he continued his career as the Assistant General Manager Responsible for Financial Affairs at SIF Automotive Group. As a part of this role, he played a crucial role during the foreign company structuring processes in UAE, Netherlands, Libya, and Northern Iraq markets.

Hakan Ek achieved significant success in Hyundai Elevator, where he worked as a senior-level manager and CEO for about 5 years, by establishing the Turkey organization from scratch and effectively executing global sales and business development activities. He secured a significant amount of foreign investment inflows to our country through the company’s entry to the Turkey market, considerably increased the employment rate, and positively contributed to the Turkey economy. Throughout his career over 20 years, he has been a real asset for these organizations by achieving highly critical growth and development goals via strong vision, financial perspective, strategic planning, and global networking competencies; and has added real value to the respective companies due to his extensive experience in acquisitions and global investments. He also possesses CPA certification since 2002.

Hakan Ek, who has extensive experience in overseas company structuring and possesses a true entrepreneurial spirit, continues to run his own farm in Canakkale and known as a nature lover. He holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Marmara University and an MBA - Corporate Finance degree from the University of Dallas. He also participated in an Executive Development Program at The Warton Business School.