Fund and Portfolio Marketing and Business Development Intern

Aiming to become Turkey's leading portfolio company managing venture capital funds, LETVEN CAPITAL offers an important career opportunity in the Fund and Portfolio Marketing and Business Development department to take part in its new organization.
As LETVEN CAPITAL Marketing and Business Development Department;
We are looking for highly motivated, enthusiastic and diligent Fund and Portfolio Marketing and Business Development professionals with 1-3 years of experience in venture capital fund and portfolio marketing or domestic and international investment business development activities who have graduated from business administration, finance, economics or similar departments of leading universities in Turkey or abroad.
As a team member, we believe that the following competencies will add value to our organization:

  • Managing Business Development, Marketing and Public Relations activities
  • To be able to closely follow sector trends in Turkey and abroad
  • Coordinating communication and marketing activities for the development of new projects and business channels.
  • Contributing to the production of new projects in the field of investment cooperation
  • To realize the sales of the funds managed by the portfolio company to both domestic and international funds, angel investors, mutual funds, insurance companies, individual investors, private funds, qualified investors, pension funds and state funds
  • Conducting business development activities to enable corporate companies to establish venture capital funds or become investors in such funds
  • Managing collaborations and developing new business models with the public, product and service providers, technoparks, regulation developers, non-governmental organizations, universities, media organizations, consulting firms, incubation centers, researchers and mentors that make up the Startup Ecosystem
  • Time management, project management, relationship management, problem solving, reporting and social communication skills,
  • To be able to work harmoniously in a team,
  • Being able to travel without any restrictions

Application Form

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