The fund aims to invest primarily in sectors related to renewable energy sources, including investments in the production of electricity, mechanical, hydraulic, and thermal energies, wind turbine production, wind turbine technologies, hybrid systems working with wind turbines, solar energy devices, biogas devices, design and production investments in geothermal energy devices, energy storage systems, power plant investments, high-capacity purification based on renewable energy, freshwater extraction, energy solutions in agriculture, single and multi-rotor rotary-wing unmanned aerial systems, drone devices and software, artificial intelligence, autonomy, communication, aerodynamics, propulsion systems, sensor fusions, aircraft and helicopter subsystem technologies, land and sea system technologies, demilitarization, and production technologies. However, in the event of suitable investment opportunities, the fund may also invest in sectors outside of these.

Renewable Energy
* 16 Mayıs 2024

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To establish an innovative and sustainable agriculture ecosystem by leveraging global partnerships, and to provide knowledge, capital, and labour to potential pioneer companies with a globally competitive edge.

To become a continuous-growth fund that promotes the leadership of the agriculture ecosystem worldwide, and which operates effectively by honouring human values, relying on innovative technologies and conventional wisdom, and developing business models centring on coopetition*.

Coopetitive: The term coopetition , a combination of “cooperation” and “competition”, is the act of cooperation between competing companies. Companies in coopetition organize and work together to form a competition strategy, aiming to increase their market share.

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